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The most common type of property damage is the result of water and water related affects.

Water damaged property can be caused by sewer backups and flooding from inclement weather events, water expelled in a building for fire suppression, overflows from appliances or burst pipes. If not addressed as soon as the water damage has occurred, mould can begin to develop and grow causing increased health risks. Contaminants, including mould, may escalate the process and cost of the restoration project, depending on the type and source of water that has caused damage to a property.

WINMAR® Brampton has experience in the appropriate and effective processes and treatments required to restore property that has been damaged by all forms of water damage.

The licensed restoration professionals at WINMAR® Brampton have the expertise required to accurately survey the extent of water damage and utilize advanced equipment. By contacting WINMAR® Brampton as quickly as possible, the urgent risk of further damage from initial water damage can be abated and your property can be restored more expeditiously.

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Whether it’s restoration, constructing new builds, general contracting or anything in between our licensed and insured professionals are ready to take on your next project. Our motto is simple: We treat each customer’s damages as if it were our own, applying the same standards of quality workmanship that we would expect ourselves. For any size project, you can trust the professionals at WINMAR®.

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